Whats is SEO?

Whats is SEO?

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google-algorithm-farmer-updateSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting a website or URL listed on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is achieve by following and applying over 200 factors to your website as well as making sure that the OFF factors (link exchange, blogs, articles, press releases, video SEO, etc) are implemented as well. SEO takes times especially if you are targeting a very competitive keyword(s). Some rankings can take 60 days to appear in Google and others can take up to 12 or 14 months. The more times a keyword gets search in Google the longer it will take you to achieve that ranking. In other words, for the keyword “books” it can take up to 2 years or at least 14 months to get in the top 10 positions in google. There are close to 969 Million Urls competing for this keyword and this makes the whole process very challenging.

Why Hire a SEO Company?

Small businesses are dominating the marketplace, but only 26% exist over a 15-year period. Why do so many fail? It could be poor business structure or even poor quality SEO. There are two main things a well-designed website needs to thrive online: quality traffic and conversions. An experienced SEO consultant can help you gradually obtain these results.

Why Does Every Business Should Include SEO in Their Web Marketing Campaign?

To gain quality traffic to your website and convert visitors into paying customers or subscribers, your site must first be found within the search engines. If your website is nowhere to be found, no one will know you even exist.

Hiring an experienced SEO consultant can solve this dilemma. When executed properly, SEO can take your website from obscurity into prominence. Here are a few benefits of SEO:

  • Offers 24/7 online promotion.
  • Increases brand visibility.
  • Increases targeted traffic to your website.
  • Helps to achieve improved conversion rates.
  • SEO is great for social media.
  • Distinguishes you from the competition.
  • Offers improved Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Provides statistical data for measuring results.
  • Offers permanent results compared to traditional marketing.

Search engine optimization is no longer optional, it is mandatory, if you expect your website to thrive in today’s Internet marketplace. To find out Unreal Web Marketing in Port Jefferson Long Island can help your business to succeed online, contact us or call 1-877-897-6940 for a quote and consultation.

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