Web Design Predictions for 2016: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Web Design Trends 2016Web Design Predictions for 2016: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

In the web design industry where everything always stays in motion, exciting and new tools, techniques and concepts are frequently being introduced. The industry is kept fresh by creative minds which always come up with game changing ideas that challenge the norms. For those interested in online business, marketing and also web design, all of this means being up to date with the latest news in the industry.

Since 2015 is almost over, we decided that would be a good idea to share some of our insights regarding the direction web design is going to take in the coming year. While some may think that making predictions now is a bit too early, that’s not true. In fact, 2016 is less than a month away, so if you’d like to have the peace of mind your website is ready for it, then it’s best to start now. So by the time you’ll finish reading this article, you’re going to be both excited and terrified.

The Good

Customer-Centric Web Design: 

Web design needs to certainly be guided by the clients’ needs, but it seems that only in 2016 will this become a major consideration. In this regard, customer centric web design is going to ensure that your clients and potential clients are going to enjoy the journey through your website.

Graphic Text:

In 2016 you’ll see a lot of really innovative uses of text that’s comprised of patterns, textures and also images. While typography was always a very important part of web design, with the integration of various graphics elements it’ll now become even more important in the way your website looks.

Split Content:

Given the fact that centered layouts will be greatly used on pages with little content, it’s only natural that pages which contain more substance are going to receive a facelift with split content layout. This means that the screen is going to be divided into wide sections. What’s great about this is that each section’s look is going to vary and won’t be influenced by a single aesthetic tone. As a result, designers will have free reign over the way they want to design the website without having to worry about negatively affecting the coherence of content hierarchies.

Centered Content:

Centered content is going to become very important and prevalent in 2016 and it seems that it’s going to be used prevalently on homepage designs. The text will be centered and it’s going to be surrounded by a great smooth and visual texture that creates a nice, dramatic effect. If you have a page on which you’d like to emphasize a minimum amount of content, this will hit home.

The Bad

Overlapping Elements: 

Overlapping elements are definitely a big no when it comes to web design. After all, no one likes to feel confused when browsing your website, so if you make things clear to avoid offensive and excessive layering, then you’re going to provide your visitors with a great browsing experience.

Hidden Navigation:

Hidden navigation seems to be yet another element that was spawned by mobile web design. This type of navigation implies that the entire menu is going to be compressed into a single icon that’s going to be expanded when the user clicks on it. For mobile devices, this makes a lot of sense, yet if it’s overused on desktop websites, then it can directly influence the usability of the website in a bad way. One of the best rules of webs design is that you should never complicate matters. Therefore, by adding an extra clicking and hiding the navigation menu, you’re only going to make it harder for visitors to enjoy navigating your website.

Website Intro Page:

More and more websites are gaining weight and this is not good for visitors. Tackling the problem seems to be done ineffectively, with many websites adding an intro page while the website loads in the background. However, this is not a solution, since users will only feel disgruntled because they have to wait for a few seconds more in order for the website to load. In this case, it would be better to just cut down on the amount of content on your website.

Too-Long Scrolling:

The hegemony of Facebook, but also mobile design made long scrolling very popular and common. While it’s true that there are many websites out there which have been designed based on this concept, there are a few negatives that we have to outline about it. Heavily animated scrolling effects, exhausting scrolling, not knowing where an article begins and the previous ends can be quite risky for the reputation and overall popularity and lifespan of a website.

The Ugly

App Overload: 

It’s really amazing that now website owners can integrate third party applications and tools to their website, but there has to be a limit. While adding more tools is a good idea, it’s also recommended to keep in mind that they’re developed by different people. This means that there’s a good chance that they may cause conflicts and if you have tens of thousands of visitors per day, they’re certainly not going to be happy about it. Secondly, these tools and apps also have various styles, so by using a few of them on the same page, you’re certainly going to create an aesthetic conflict.

Google Deep Dream:

Google’s psychedelic universe seems to be a major inspiration for people to use their imagination and create great, but also scary things. While currently only your social feeds are overflowing with strange images of limbs, eyes and dogs, it could be that this is soon going to be the norm on most websites, too.

By: David Montalvo.


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