Video Optimization: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power Of YouTube

Video Optimization: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power Of YouTube



Videos have become an integral tool for any serious online marketer, but even though their power to help increase traffic and drive sales is undoubted, it seems that video optimization is still nowhere near content optimization in terms of prevalence.

If you want to make sure that your videos are easier to find and share, then you need to invest some good time and energy into making that possible.

YouTube Ranking and What It Offers

After Google itself, YouTube traffic is known to be the biggest search engine you should certainly try and capitalize on as much as possible. On a daily basis, 100s of millions of hours of video are watched on YouTube, resulting in tens of billions of views.

This means that if you can build a bold YouTube presence, then you’ll have a great impact on your brand and possibly engage with hundreds of thousands of visitors or even more.

What makes videos special is the fact that they actually take content to a whole new level. Instead of trying to come up with smart words that are nicely structured in persuasive sentences meant to convince people to buy, video is better since it actually shows people exactly what they need to know about your products. This is a new way of engaging potential customers, convince them to buy and eventually make them loyal to your brand.

Another great thing you’ll love about YouTube is that it offers excellent search engine optimization benefits in the SERPs. When looking for something on Google, the search engine will display results that are closest to what the users are looking for. This means that some queries are going to have text combined with video thumbnails within the search engine results pages.

Google is fully aware that many users are certainly going to want to watch a video of a product instead of reading an article about it. Therefore, if you have videos that are greatly optimized, then you can easily generate more traffic and establish yourself as an expert in your particular field.

After people finally get to watch your video, it’s possible to actually expand your communication with them. You can easily generate a lot of traffic by recommending them to check out your company’s website or click through to your brands YT page.

In order to meet these goals though, your videos need to get a lot of traffic and be watched by your targeted audience. To do this, you need to optimize them properly.

Last year, all our video data was analyzed in the Universal Search Results by BrightEdge. What we discovered after the analysis was over is that the click curve for video results was much like that of classic text results, with one exception: the average click through rate for position one of a video was seven point nine percent, whereas the average click through rate for a classic result was twenty percent.

Factors Influencing YouTube Rankings

YouTube, much like Google, has its own special algorithm that impacts the way videos are displayed in the SERPs. Below we’re going to take a closer look at some of the factors that the algorithm uses when it comes to adjusting these rankings.

Watch time

It’s very important for YouTube to analyze how many users actually love your content and stay in order to watch it. It’s a vital criterion and because of that, YT has a whole section that you can read more about on the Google Support page.

If you want to ensure that your videos are properly optimized, then it’s very important to capitalize on criteria such as:

  1. Video length.
  2. Client reactions, including dislikes, likes and comments.
  3. Number of subs.
  4. Keyword relevance.

How can you do that? Well, by using some of the following techniques.

1. Provide Targeted Content

If you want to have more and more people watching your videos, they need to be of high quality. Keep in mind that most people on YT won’t be interested in your brand, but actually look for videos that offer them info about what they want to learn more about. If the videos make little sense or are overly promotional, then you can be assured that your brand is not going to gain too much popularity on YouTube.

Instead, it’s recommended that you focus on 2 basic types of videos: educational and emotional.

a. Emotional

Videos eliciting an emotional reaction are extremely effective, with some examples including cute animal videos and inspirational videos. Viewers in this category consume video as a way of self expression and they watch and share videos resonating with them on a personal level.

b. Educational

Another large group of video viewers are those that want to learn something. For instance, maybe they want to learn more about buying a laptop or how to create a presentation in MS Word. Whatever it is, they’ll certainly need someone to teach them how to do it.

People on YouTube are looking for videos based on their needs, so it’s very important to come up with content that meets their needs. The content should resonate to those stumbling upon it and provide great value for your audience.

Also, make sure that your videos aren’t too long. The majority of videos on YT are usually 2 to 3 minutes long.

2. YouTube and Google Need To Easily Understand Your Video Content

Since Google and YouTube cannot watch your videos in order to gain a better understanding of them, it’s important that you provide them with accurate info so they can properly rank them. To do this, you need to take a few steps, as following:

a. Come up with an optimized title
The title of your video should be short and include the KW for which your video should rank.

b. Use tags appropriately
It’s important to keep in mind that YouTube emphasizes on the amount of time people watch videos and not how many of them watch them. Make sure to always use relevant and ample keywords that will not only interest those for whom your videos are interesting, but also fit your brand.

c. Come up with a complete description
There are a lot of people who will only add a few sentences in their video’s description box, yet this can greatly impede your ability of adding KWs and communicating with the algorithm. The longer your video description, the better that video can rank. Your video’s key points need to be properly articulated so it’s easy for the spiders to update its ranking in the SERPs.

Don’t forget to use relevant KWs in the description box, since it’s vital for properly optimizing the video for Google and YouTube. Depending on the KWs you use, some of them can even help your videos rank on the first page of Google when someone types those KWs into the search box.

d. Upload a transcript or use closed captions
In the same way a complete description can help a lot with ranking, a transcript or closed captions make it a lot easier for users to get great value from your videos. In fact, depending on the users, some may decide to mute the video and just read the captions or vice versa.

You should also work towards developing your brand’s YouTube channel page. For instance, you can come up with a trailer that can draw people in to watch more of your videos, but also prove them that you’re creating valuable video content that meets their needs. If you want to furthermore establish your authority in your field, you should focus on ensuring your channel page looks professional, since this way it’s going to be easier to get more subscribers. On top of that, it can also help a lot with rankings.

3. Create A Strong CTA

Once you have people watching your videos, you finally managed to grab their attention. It’s now that you should come up with a strong call to action and encourage them to check out the rest of your videos. To make the most of your CTA, you should take full advantage of YouTube annotations.

When creating your annotations, you may want to ensure that they’re not only useful, but also relevant for the viewers. If you add annotations that only serve you or annotations that distract viewers, then people will stop watching your videos. They should always be placed around the border of the videos so they don’t become obtrusive and annoying.

4. Promote Your Video

Lastly, it’s very important that you promote your videos as much as possible. After you’ve marked your videos in order to improve their internet exposure, it’s time that you do everything you can in order to encourage viewers.

You should proceed with embedding the video on your company’s website and also on your blog, but don’t forget to also promote it on various social media platforms, too. You should then encourage your subscribers to interact with your videos, like them and also comment on them.

When a lot of users comment on a video, it’s certainly going to make it more popular and increase its value, too.

Steps For Successful Video Optimization

  1. Video concepts should be developed based on your client value.
  2. Come up with focused KWs and use them in your video’s description, tags and title.
  3. Add a Call to action and a link in your video.
  4. Get more views by promoting your video throughout your own networks.

When done right, video optimization is going to make it very easy to reach a lot of users on YouTube, answer their questions or just entertain them. If you mark up your videos, then it’s going to be very simple to get people to watch them and learn more about the massive branding power of YouTube.

By: David Montalvo.


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