5 Tips for Success in Marketing Automation


5 Tips for Success in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a great tool that allows you to come up with marketing campaigns as well as automate your marketing processes quickly. Once you set everything up, it’s like a well oiled machine. It’s important to do everything by the book in order to achieve the greatest amount of success. If you can do that, you’re good to go. Check out these tips that will aid you in your quest for successful marketing automation.

1. Make sure to clean your CRM

What’s a CRM? It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) database. When your CRM is clean, then your marketing automation software will sync with the CRM the way it’s supposed to. That means if you have multiple duplicates on imported list, and you don’t clean it, you’re headed for trouble. For instance, if you convert a lead to a contact on the site, someone has to register repeatedly every time they enter your site without the marketing automation. That means this contact will be in your database several times. This is why it’s important to clean up the CRM– start by deleting duplicate records, converting leads to contacts as needed, connect contacts with certain accounts, and clean up the names of accounts so you can be as streamlined, organized, and most importantly, efficient as possible. Do what you have to do and spring clean that CRM as much as possible.

2. Work on the email addresses by validating and verifying

Checking your email is never fun, and sorting through them isn’t much fun either. But you’re going to have to validate as well as verify your email addresses if you’re going to get anywhere. Run your contacts through a verification or email appending service before they’re uploaded in order to sort through emails before you even upload your contacts to lower the amount of bounces you experience when you finally do run that first email campaign. Avoid having legit emails bounce due to never cleaning up your records, you may have issues with email delivering in the future. The reputation for email sending for your domain will go down, potentially resulting in black listing of the IP you sent the emails with. Verify emails before importing and tidy up your database!

3. Talk with your sales team

You need to communicate with your sales team about your goals and let them get on the same page with you. Marketing automation can cause some confusion, so gather your team to speak to them about this. They may have concerns about how this affects leads, whether this will replace sales, and more. The discussion always is different, but the basics are the same. Come in with answers and confidence, because your team is going to have a lot of questions for you!

4. Make sure that your resources are on point

Marketing automation does take a full team, and you need to have your people on it. This can include your IT department, your webmaster, sales operations, CRM administration, creative and marketing teams, and whoever you have on hand. A good team can help you with everything you need to do, and there is a lot. From email authenticating to tracking codes to assembling prospect lists and creating custom fonts as well as tracker sub-domains, file uploading, creating forms, managing opt out lists, creating landing pages, integrating CRM, training people in sales, creating content, grading, scoring, creating custom redirects, and more, you need the correct resources to do that with. Perhaps not surprisingly, your best resource is people! Make sure you have a reliable group on hand to help you with dynamic content, page action triggers, and more, because it’s a lot for just one person to handle alone. Having a structure and a team is much easier at the end of the day than going it alone.

5. Keep learning

Never stop learning and never think that it will be easy or quick to learn what you need to know. Educating yourself can be slow and always takes more time than you think (or maybe hope) that it will. Give yourself that time and space to really take things in. That extra time that you give yourself will allow you to be well informed about the entire marketing automation process.

As always, focus your energy on getting things done or learning for the best results. If you can’t be doing marketing automation, learn about it! Tenacity is always the key to success. Ready to get out there and try it? Go ahead, and good luck!

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