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UnReal Web Marketing offers SEO to small, mid-size and large companies in Long Island as well as the New York Area. Our SEO approach will help your company achieve great rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is a great way to bring more visitors to your website and increase your business ROI. The more traffic will translate to more sales and phone calls. Let UnReal Web Marketing optimize your website for Local and nationwide rankings. Our SEO campaign includes, keyword analysis, domain authority report, keyword density, link popularity reports, etc.

SEO Services Campaign
Our SEO strategy includes website conversion as well. After we achieved your rankings, our Team of SEO specialists will monitor your site and make the right adjusments to make sure you are getting the conversion you need to grown your business. Some of these adjusmtents are:  “contact form” design, shopping cart process, checkout pages, landing page design, responsive design, etc. We have helped hundreds of companies in Long Island achieve their web marketing goals by increasing their web exposure in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our monthly SEO campaign monitoring will guarantee that your rankings will always stay on top and before your competition. You will also receive ranking reports as well as traffic report to keep you up to date on your SEO campaign.

The two-pronged approach for UnReal Web Marketing is fundamental focus on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Our extensive research on every intrinsic aspect of search engines for over 16 years has yielded us beneficial insights. These insights have helped us to offer the best possible search engine optimization solutions.

Our full range of services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Plus Local Listings, Bing/Yahoo Local, monitoring of search engine activity, screening of websites for search engine readiness, and intense search engine directory marketing campaigns for large corporations and small businesses alike. Additionally, we offer online reputation protection and reparation. Our SEO team defends your brand against negative press, reviews and opinions.

SEO Client Testimonial:

What Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Involve?

Some of the focus areas for website optimization are:

Website On Page Elements

  • Meta Tags – Keyword, Description, Robots and Accessibility Tags Page Title Content – Positioning of the content and disbursement of keywords throughout the copy. Links – Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles. Keyword Density of each major section on the page. HTML Validity Web site accessibility.
  • And many more

Website Off Page Elements

  • Number of pages currently indexed in the major search engines. Number of sites linking to you (backlinks). Link reputation of your backlinks. On page factors of your backlinks. Nature of the majority of your site, is it dynamic or static?
  • And many more

Website Submission to Search Engines

  • Guaranteed inclusion programs for getting indexed quickly by search engine spiders and crawlers like Googlebot and Bing. Niche directory submissions. Possible CPC search engines and submission to free directories like ODP.
  • And more based on your site’s needs.

Website Ranking Reporting

  • Traffic analysis, search engine ranking reports, conversion analysis, website heuristics, traffic paths for targeted keywords.
  • And more based on your site’s needs.

Website Analysis Report

Prior to website optimization, UnReal Web Marketing will run a website analysis report to focus on the areas that need the more attention. Below is a partial list of the key elements we will address:

SEO Analysis Features:

Keyword Research
- Keyword Research Chart (Google Suggestion Tool, Bing and “Manual” searches)
- Keyword Recommendations (New Terms)

  • Website Review (Is your site search engine friendly?)
    - Duplicate content (Canonical Issues)
    - Dynamic URLs (Database Driven Sites)
    - Robots/Spiders Access to Website Content
    - Visibility Report on Google, Yahoo and Bing
    - Use of 404 Pages and Sitemap
    - Website Architecture Recommendations
    - Hosting Issues (Shared Hosting, Multiple Domains Redirect, etc)
  • On-Page Recommendations
    - URLs
    - Title Tags
    - Meta Description Tags
    - On-Page Keyword Use
    - Page Copy Quality
    - Review Content to Avoid Penalties (Search Engine Spamming)
  • Design & Navigation Recommendations
    - Executive Summary of Navigation Issues
    - User Experience
    - Website Objectives
    - Homepage Goals
    - Content & Scope of Website
    - Checkpoints of Website Credibility Guidelines
  • Site Technology/Accessibility Issues
    - Robots.txt file review
    - Site Root Directory Analysis (Folders, CGI-BIN)
    - Google Sitemaps Creation
    - Froogle Submissions
  • Link Acquisition
    - Review Links of Major Competitors
    - Well Ranked Industry Niche Websites and Pages
    - Popular Directory Links
    - Press Releases (XML Distribution) to over 100 Targeted sites
    - Community/Forum/Blog Links

SEO Services in Long Island

Latest SEO Articles

SEO Yoast Plugin Review – WordPress

If you are a web developer or an individual familiar with WordPress, you probably have heard of the SEO plugin Yoast.  There are over 30 different SEO WordPress plugins out there that can help you change  title tags, metatags, etc., Yoast SEO plugin is by far the best tool for this task. One of the most powerful features in this plugin is the ability to “connect” your website with Google webmaster tools.

Google “search” Results and Algorithm Changes

A while back I wrote an article on how I was able to determine (base on data from over 50+ websites) that Google runs two different algorithms when “ranking” sites from the 1st to the 5th position and from the 6th listing to the 10th. There is no such of “identical” algorithm apply to different search results/positions, I feel it has (algo) to do with the popularity of the keyword, fresh content, back-links, social media and of course, Google plus and reviews from Google, Yelp, Manta, etc.  Google balances numerous factors that are link to reputation, relevancy, URL age, “clean” code, hosting and of course the data from Google analytics.

Whats is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting a website or URL listed on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is achieve by following and applying over 200 factors to your website as well as  making sure that the OFF factors (link exchange, blogs, articles, press releases, video seo, etc) are implemented as well. SEO takes times especially if you are targeting a very competitive keyword(s). Some rankings can take 60 days to appear in Google and others can take up to 12 or 14 months.

Google Zebra Algorithm – How to stay under the radar

The new google update (Zebra) is coming at the end of the year and these new algorithm changes are going to affect everyone but especially, online merchants. In March 2013, Matt Cutts announced that the Panda “algo” will be a slow update that will be implemented automatically and gradually. In other words, these changes will not be as noticeable and “rankings” or “positions” won’t have a dramatic change.

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