Google Zebra Algorithm – How to stay under the radar

Google Zebra Algorithm – How to stay under the radar

Google Zebra Update 2013

Google Zebra Update

By David Montalvo РFind us on Google Plus

The new Google update (Zebra) is coming at the end of the year and these new algorithm changes are going to affect everyone but especially, online merchants. In March 2013, Matt Cutts announced that the Panda “algo” will be a slow update that will be implemented automatically and gradually. In other words, these changes will not be as noticeable and “rankings” or “positions” won’t have a dramatic change. As far as the next Penguin update (penguin 4), Senor Cutts stated that Google will implement a LARGE update for 2013 and he feels that this will be one of the biggest updates for this year. The Google search quality team is working on this, but they have not release a date on when this update will go live.

Google will be focusing (Google Zebra update) on the “quality” of merchants and their stores functionality. They basically want to make sure that all merchants are presenting or giving the End-User the BEST experience when they go to a website/store.

So before you get penalize by the “Merchant Quality Update”, make sure you address the following items:

  • Merchant with bad reviews wont rank as high as merchants with good reviews
  • Better shopping cart experience (one page checkout)
  • A “view shopping cart” link or section within the main navigation
  • Return policy page with a physical address (No P.O. Boxes)
  • Shipping calculator and “Order” tracking section
  • FAQ’s section or Forum
  • Ability to allow users to register to the site
  • Gift registry when applicable

Google shared that merchants don’t need to have all these items on their websites. However, as far as conversion and website functionality, having these features won’t hurt your website sales and hopefully, will help you avoid any penalties when this new algorithm goes live.

Good luck!

David M.

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