Google “search” Results and Algorithm Changes

Google “search” Results and Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Changes 2014

A while back I wrote an article on how I was able to determine (base on data from over 50+ websites) that Google runs two different algorithms when ranking sites from the 1st to the 5th position and from the 6th listing to the 10th. There is no such of identical algorithm apply to different search results/positions, I feel it has (algo) to do with the popularity of the keyword, fresh content, back-links, social media and of course, Google plus and reviews from Google, Yelp, Manta, etc.

Google balances numerous factors that are link to reputation, relevancy, URL age, clean code, hosting and of course the data from Google analytics. Just in case you were wondering why Google is providing such of expensive software (Google analytics) for FREE. It is because they use this data, YOUR data, to see how long a user stays in your site after landing on your page for a specific search query. If the bounce rate percentage for a phrase is high under your GA (Google Analytics) account, they take that into account and that’s another way to measure if you are relevant for that keyword phrase(s).

In addition to these algo differences, have you noticed that Amazon, Walmart, ebay and all the big retailers get top rankings right before the Christmas season? I wonder how the small retailers that managed to have a top 5 ranking position(s) during the whole year (or at least 10 months) somehow they get pushed to the second page of Google results. Weird right? I guess if you are a retailer and you need to sell your inventory to stay on the black, your other option is to open a Google Adwords account and pay your way up to #1. After the holidays are over, everything comes back to normal and some of these rankings come back. Is this a 3rd algorithm? If it is, it has nothing to do with relevancy, it has to do with money.

On the last penguin update the algo was somehow refined to give more weight to readability metrics. This change will filter all the spammy content by taking in consideration the length of a sentence, content readability, and the number of syllables per word. Additionally, the keywords before and after a word that is hyperlinked has a lot to do with this last algo.

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